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RCA Sockets Mod. (MK2 - MK6)

Precision Sound Lab

RCA Sockets Mod. (MK2 - MK6)

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Please note: is the exclusive distributor for Precision Sound Lab in the USA / Canada / South America. For all other countries please make your purchase on Precision Sound Lab's Website.

Specifically designed to eliminate the annoying process of replacing the RCA cables on all classic / legacy series Technics SL-1200/1210 turntables. From the Mk2 to Mk6 model including M5G.

  • This complete state-of-art system finally allows you to choose the quality and length of the cable you want and permits you to change it depending on your application.
  • Italian quality & design, built from a single block of aerospace non-magnetic alloy and crafted with the latest technology of CNC machines.
  • Scratch-resistant surface with an anodized finish and permanent laser markings.
  • RCA sockets composed of solid brass with cryogenic treatment and center pole in pure copper.
  • Completely reversible change, no need to drill additional holes or openings on the turntables.
  • Grounded (ground wire) or Internal Ground options available.
  • Suitable for Mk2, MK3D/M3D, Mk5, Mk6, M5G/MK5G, LTD, GLD models.

    Unlike several inferior 3D Printed / Plastic units on the market, Precision Sound Lab’s RCA Socket Mod. is a professionally crafted unit that allows the tonearm wires to be entirely screened until they reach the RCA sockets.

    Easy to follow installation with all parts included for install. Screwdriver and a soldering iron are the only items you will need.

    Two versions available:

    “Audiophile Version”: (No PCB or Wires) This version permits the installer to connect their tone arm wires directly from the tone arm to the female RCA connectors with NO PCB involved whatsoever. With this version, please keep in mind that you will need 30cm of tone arm wire. Some of the early model 1200/1210’s has this length however most do not.

    "Easy Connect Version”: This version permits connecting the supplied cable with plug from the Stock Original RCA PCB to the female RCA Connectors. This version makes it easier to detach for opening/servicing the turntable.

    •    Both versions need basic electronic soldering skills for installation.
    •    Not suitable for new GAE, G, GR, Mk7, MK7R & M7L models.

    Click for installation video.

    Click here for downloadable PDF assembly instructions.

    Conceived, designed and built entirely in Italy.

    5 YEARS WARRANTY (erratic installation damages are not covered)

    International registered design. Certificate n. 003020536-0001


    Kit weight: 220 gr.

    Shipping Weight: 305 gr.

    Pack Dimensions (WxDxH) 10,5x11x9 cm

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