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Technics 1200 / 1210 MK2 Pitch Controls Are Here! SFDZ122N11-2 vs TECH112N11-2 are pleased to announce the release of our own replacement -2 type pitch / fader that fits Technics SL-1200 MK2 / SL-1210 MK2, the -2 version is preferred by DJ's due to the shorter (+/- 0.5mm) travel around the center 0% quartz lock point.

Replacing / Substitute to Panasonic / Technics Discontinued parts:

  • SFDZ122N11
  • SFDZ122N11-1
  • SFDZ122N11-2
  • TECH112N11-2

Modern manufacturing techniques and materials have allowed general improvements to made over the original Panasonic / ALPS supplied pitch / fader, these include 10% overall tolerance, operating cycles increased to 15K and a more consistent carbon track application which means that these pitch / faders will not only be closer to the stated 22K resistance value but also closer to the stated resistance taper(*see below) leading to more consistent calibration, In addition to these general improvements our version also has (like the original Panasonic supplied part) the two slick dummy tracks for the 0% lock switch contacts of the slide to run on rather than just running on the bare board.

* The correct resistance taper has been used on this pitch / fader which means easier calibration** and has been extensively tested and bench-marked against both Panasonic supplied versions and aftermarket replacements (-1 and -2) currently available to ensure the best possible performance.

**Subject to the normal circuit tolerances.

These are aftermarket / replacement / compatible pitch / faders that have not been supplied by or endorsed by Panasonic, they have been manufactured to a very high standard , close tolerance and ROHS compliance by an ISO certified factory therefore quality and a long life span is assured thus we are more than happy to offer a no question money back guarantee. stand by their products as we keep the Legend Alive!


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