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Pro RCAS with NEUTRIK Gold Connects & Internal Ground PCB

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Pro RCAS with NEUTRIK Gold Connects & Internal Ground PCB

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This Kit includes:

  • High Quality Oxygen Free RoHS compliant Professional Performance RCA cables
  • Neutrik / Rean 24k Gold connectors
  • Our famous "Internal Ground RCA PCB"
  • Variety of colors to select from
  • Professionally soldered together for easy install.
  • Heat Shrink added for extra strength at the barrel

(Enough to do one (1) turntable) Adjust quantities accordingly.

This will fit the following models:

Technics 1200 / 1210 MK2, M3D, MK3D, MK5, MK6, M5G, GLD, LTD.

Respecting Original Design:

Several cables are simply to thick for the Technics 1200 / 1210. Thicker is not always best. What some do is remove the original spacer to fit these over sized cables leaving the clamper to take on all the stress. As we have seen over the years the clamper is not designed for this and with time gets weak causing the clamper to loosen leaving all the pressure on the tie strap and solder points.

Our Pro cables are the thickest while still respecting the original design.


We have made it so the installation process is a smooth & simple procedure.

Tools Required: Phillips Screw Driver & Soldering Iron

Steps: Remove Rubber bottom cover, Remove RCA Clamper & Spacer, Remove Tone Arm Base Plate, Remove Old RCA cables and PCB (2 Screws & De-solder 5 tone arm wires from old PCB). Install Your New Cables and PCB (2 Screws). Solder 5 Tone Arm Wires to PCB and Put it back together. Your all done!

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