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Main Board Removal

Preparation to remove main board. Please note that this diagram shows a Technics 1200 MK2 however there is little difference regarding the main board with all 1200 / 1210 series turntables.

Tools you will need.

- Small Wire Cutters
- Phillips Screw Driver (One that looks like a "+" symbol)
- Needle Nose Pliers
- Small Cloth or Paper Towel that you will discard

Step # 1
- UNPLUG THE UNIT FROM THE WALL - Although elementary you would be surprised how many don't out of excitement to do the task. They quickly find out with a zap that they forgot. Lets not go through that. UNPLUG the unit. Please remember safety is first.

Step # 2
- Place the turntable on a flat surface with space around you for your tools.

Step # 3
- Remove your rubber mat or slip mat. Then place both index fingers in the holes in the platter and pull upward. Give it a fair pull however anticipate the platter coming off as to not fall over once it comes off or damage the tone arm or other parts. If the platter does not come off put one index finger in one of the holes and pull upward and with your other hand grab the handle of the screw driver and tap the center spindle as to un-seize the platter from the spindle. Once removed STORE the platter somewhere safe with the magnet away from metals and other magnets. We recommend putting a cloth around the magnet and wrapping an elastic band around the cloth protecting it.

Step # 4
- Remove the 5 screws that hold the black grill in place. Then remove the grill exposing the main board, fuse panel, and transformer.

Step # 5
- If you have any tie straps holding wires together its time to remove them. Check diagrams. They are marked in yellow. Be very careful when using the wire cutters to cut the tie straps as its it is very easy to cut a vital wire which will add to your costs. We don't want that. If you have no tie straps and only felt tape on the pitch control wires then skip this step.

Step # 6
- Gently unplug the following Plugs: These will be marked in blue. Careful when pulling them out as each side has delicate tips which lock them in. If ignored you can break the tips which will cause the clip not to clip back in when reinstalling.

- Pitch Control harness
- Pop Up (Target) Light harness
- Start Stop harness

Step # 7
- Take a look at the center spindle. Around it you will find a motor cover (Black) with three screws holding it in place. Marked in green on the diagram.
- Remove the three screws and place it in a zip lock bag marking it accordingly. (Motor Cover Screws)

Step # 8
- Look at the main board. You will see three screws holding it in place. I have marked these in Pink. Remove them and place them in a zip lock bag marking the bag accordingly. (Main Board Screws).

Step # 9
- The next step can be messy. Here is where the small cloth comes into play. Look on the diagram and locate the regulator screws (near the top) in Red markings. You will remove both screws and the hold down bracket. Once removed place them in a zip lock bag and mark them accordingly. You need to remove the paste on the part that is attached to the main board and also the surface from which it was removed. DO THIS SLOWLY AND WITH CARE. Heat sink paste is a messy paste which if you get on your hands or anything else is a pain in the .... to get off. Wipe both with the cloth and toss it in the garbage quick before it comes in contact with anything.

Step # 10
- We are just about done. Grab the needle nose pliers. Locate the two wires wrapped around the two posts on the main board. Marked on the diagram in Orange. If you like mark the wires to remember where they go when reinstalling. You will notice (unless removed before) the wires unravel from the bottom to the top. Slowly and carefully unravel them. The reason I say slowly is because if you go too fast and are too rough the wire will fray. We want to avoid this.

Step # 11
- You are now ready to remove the main board. Before removing the main board use one hand to lift it slightly from the right side (as the spindle typically will stick to the main board) reach under the board with the other hand and remove the spindle. We try and avoid this as to not scratch the cabinet with the spindle falling out in the process of lifting the main board.

Now that you have the main board out tuck the regulator (CLEANED) in a spot on the main board so you can wrap the main board in bubble wrap.

Place the board in a box wrapped in bubble wrap and get it ready to ship.