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Pitch Control Printed Circuit Board / PCB


Pitch Control Printed Circuit Board / PCB

$39.99 USD

New Pitch Control Printed Circuit Board for your...

Technics 1200 or 1210 MK2, M3D / MK3D, MK4, MK5, MK6, LTD.

Great replacement if you have damaged your Pitch PCB or if you have one that the Pads have lifted due to poor soldering. Replacement for Part # SFDP122-03 or SFDP122-13 or RJB1561A-1.

Includes the NEW Pitch PCB and nothing more.

It does NOT include the potentiometer, wiring harness, bracket, or LED holder. You will need to remove those two parts from your old Pitch PCB and solder them to this new board.

Compatible Potentiometers:

Please note that the newer style potentiometer shown in the pictures with a check mark are compatible with this PCB while the older style potentiometer is not. If you have an older style potentiometer you will need to purchase a newer style 50k OHM Top potentiometer.

 Note: This part has been discontinued and limited stock is available.


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